On-Demand Cybersecurity Webinars

New Cybersecurity Virtual Tabletops: Ensure Success in the New Normal

Speakers: Benjamin Gilbert  |  Mark Houpt  |  Ronnie Munn, CISSP

With new work-from-home cybersecurity measures in place, a next logical step is to test the effectiveness of cyber incident response plans. Join our panel of experts as they discuss how to conduct effective virtual cybersecurity tabletop exercises and ensure your activation plans will work in a virtual world.

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The Convergence of Privacy & Security: Addressing the New Challenges of the Work-From-Home World

Speakers: Michael Brooks, CISSP, PMP  |  Dennis Dayman  |  Arlo Gilbert

Our panel of privacy and cybersecurity experts examine why security and privacy are converging, key trends in a work-from-home world, and key steps you can take in order to move forward most effectively.

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Top 5 Teleworking Cybersecurity Threats

Speakers:  Kevin Walsh  |  Ronnie Munn

With so many organizations recently implementing teleworking programs, cyber criminals are taking advantage of new vulnerabilities created by the rush to mass telecommuting. Watch our expert-panel webinar that will examine these new threats. 

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The Value of Virtual CISO in Uncertain Times

Speakers: Michael Marrano  |  Andrew Edstrom

During unprecedented times, these organizations may consider improving their cybersecurity posture with the assistance of a Virtual CISO. Watch our webinar that will examine the potential advantages or utilizing a vCISO. 

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Everyone is Telecommuting: How to Ensure Cybersecurity

Speakers: Jodi Daniels  |  Justin Daniels  |  Marc Debrody

As remote programs are implemented during the COVID-19 crisis, cyber criminals are taking advantage of new vulnerabilities created by telecommuting. Watch our webinar for advice for managing your remote workforce and ensuring security during the unprecedented times.

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NIST SP 800-171 and CMMC: Minimize Your Risk of Losing Business Opportunities

Speakers: Gisele Bennett  |  Pete Dowdy

Watch our webinar to learn more about NIST 800-171 vs CMMC, how to become certified, and challenged facing companies who must be compliant with these frameworks.

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How to Choose Which Cybersecurity Framework to Follow

Speakers: Mary-Michael Horowitz  |  Billy Norwood

With over 20 major frameworks being used in the market today, including GDPR, CCPA, NIST 800-53, and more, watch our webinar to learn how each framework is used today.

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4 Reasons Your Next Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise Will Flop

Speakers: Michael Marrano  |  Mark Houpt 

Watch our webinar to learn how you can ensure your next tabletop exercise will be successful in helping mitigate future business interruptions. 

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5 New Amendments to CCPA

Speakers: Jodi Daniels 

With newly released amendments and yet-to-be released AG regulations, many companies are struggling to make the necessary adjustments to meet their CCPA compliance goals. Watch our webinar to hear Jodi Daniels of Red Clover Advisors discuss everything you need to know about this ground-breaking law. 

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Creating a Culture of Awareness

Speakers: Nick Santora 

With 95% of breaches stemming from employee error, even new technologies and tightening cyber regulations can't outpace the ever changing cybersecurity landscape. Listen to this webinar to learn why creating employee awareness is a crucial part of a strong cybersecurity program. 

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Creating Executive Buy-In for Cybersecurity

Speakers: Andrew Gurbaxani  |  Jay Ferro

Moving company-wide cybersecurity initiatives forward without Executive support can feel impossible. In this webinar, we'll discuss important topics like how to build your case effectively, what you can do to create interest in cybersecurity, and how to sell the benefits of having a strong cybersecurity posture.

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You've Been Hacked... Now What?

Speakers: Johnny Lee  |  Kevin Walsh  |  Loren Dealy Mahler 

Watch thus webinar to hear experts share real-world insights on what to do during and after an incident to protect your data, brand reputation, and revenue and get a roadmap with proven tips and tools for effective incident response. 

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California Consumer Privacy Act 101

Speakers: Mitzi Hill  |  Scott Wilson  |  Jodi Daniels

Listen to this webinar to learn the basics of CCPA from a panel of seasoned experts and how it will impact your organization. Get a roadmap with tips and tools fro implementing CCPA within your own organization to simplify the process. 

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Secrets to Passing a Cybersecurity Audit

Speakers: Mike Molloy  |  Todd Jennings

Watch this webinar to learn from cybersecurity experts that have been involved in the audit process at organizations worldwide, how to avoid the potential pitfalls during the audit process, and ways to mitigate risks for a successful audit. 

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Cybersecurity Trends for Nonprofits

Speakers: James Baird  |  Stan Kubis  |  Mat Mathews

As nonprofits modernize their IT infrastructure we face many challenged with people, resources and budgets for cybersecurity. Learn how your peers are addressing these challenges. 

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Building Cybersecurity Programs for SaaS

Speakers: Dave Anderson  |  Kendra Cooley  |  Michael Molloy

Listen to this webinar to learn new ways IT teams are addressing the increase in cybersecurity customer due diligence requests and questionnaires that impact SaaS revenue and resources. 

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