COVID-19 Cybersecurity Resource Center

Address New & Evolving Cyber Threats

The security, safety and health of the Apptega community are our top priorities. As cyber criminals take advantage of the opportunities created by COVID-19 fears, cybersecurity professionals need to stay a step ahead.

This resource center provides an evolving library of guidance and tools to help ensure the effectiveness of your cyber defenses as you adapt your business operations to thrive through the crisis.

Most Popular Resources


Business Continuity Plan Template

Step-by-step procedures for establishing reliable, continuous business operations.

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Managing Cybersecurity for Remote Teams

Expert guidance for ensuring cybersecurity for your remote teams

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Top 5 Teleworking Cybersecurity Threats Webinar

Top 5 Teleworking Cybersecurity Threats

Recommendations from an expert panel, including MCPc and Secureworks

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COVID-19 Uncertainties Fuel Ransomware Attacks and Phishing Schemes

Learn more about the uptick in ransomware attacks and how you can prevent them.

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COVID-19 Cybersecurity Resources


Cybersecurity Remote Management Video Demo

See how Apptega is used to:

  • Manage workflow to assign tasks and send notifications through email and Microsoft Teams
  • Share templates, policies, and other documents
  • Monitor the status of tasks and receive verification updates when tasks are complete
  • Monitor program compliance, including real-time compliance scoring and scoring trends
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Tabletop Incident Response Template

Cybersecurity Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

Template for testing different crises and your team's action plan, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and identifying mitigation and preparation needs.

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Social Distancing with Remote Desk Audits

Social Distancing with Remote Desk Audits

Read our blog post to learn more about the many advantages of remote cybersecurity desk audits.

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The Value of a Virtual CISO During Uncertain Times

An expert panel examines the potential advantages of utilizing a vCISO. Recommendations are provided from both the vCISO and client perspectives.Topics discussed include:

  • How to conduct a risk assessment to identify potential gaps
  • How to ensure that your cybersecurity program is compliant and effective
  • How to ensure that your business continuity plan is pragmatic and actionable
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Teleworking Webinar

Everyone is Telecommuting. How to Ensure Cybersecurity.

An expert panel examines how coronavirus has impacted working from home. Speakers will answer:

  • How should employees securely connect from home to the company network?
  • What policies and procedures do you need to implement so remote users do not overwhelm your network’s capacity?
  • Why authentication of remote users and limiting their access to the company network is so important.
  • Which cyber threats you should expect to encounter specifically related to Coronavirus?
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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Template for creating your plan to recover from disruptions to systems and networks and ensure reliable, continuous business operations.

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Policy Templates

A collection of eight common cybersecurity policy templates including Acceptable Use, Access Control, Anti-Virus and Malware, Incident Response and more.

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Compliance Guides

A collection of 10 compliance guides to help you ensure that your cybersecurity program aligns with the framework(s) most relevant to your industry.  The guides include PCI DSS, SOC2, CCPA, NIST 800-171 and more

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